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The perfect scent solutions to create an improved ambiance just for you!

What we produce

We employ scent as a medium of communication to deliver enhanced customer experiences through aromatherapy, and odor remediation.


Do you ever walk past a store and suddenly the scent lures you to explore the inside? That’s because our brains are keenly tuned into scent. Scent is the key to marketing your business better. It triggers emotion in potential customers, subconsciously influencing them to:

  1. Attach a scent to the brand
  2. Spend more time in the store
  3. Ultimately, creating memories that encourage them to come back to the store

Why choose us?


Offer an memorable experience for people with the original scent that 
symbolizes your brand.


Provide a pure, clean space using the antibacterial and antiviral 
power of natural scents.


Greet clients with a space design that appeals to their senses, by creating a seasonal feel with natural scents


Invisible but present – You can forget where your device is, but you will always sense its presence.


Establish an energized work environment full of smiling faces in a space that is refreshing and relaxing.


We value the intrinsic qualities of natural scents that why we use them to make our living spaces more pleasant and attractive

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The HOMEliness of SCENT

Do you want to eliminate bad odor in your home? Or maybe you want your home to smell like a garden of roses that remind you of the countryside where you grew up? What if you could do both?

Villar Scentral® is dedicated to making your personal and intimate spaces feel welcoming and livable. Our scent diffuser system purifies the air whilst your very own signature scent reflects your personal style.


Unique Concept for Marketing Scent

The Villar Scentral scent diffuser machine is designed and produced to create an extra customer value through automated scent diffusion. Businesses often focus on visual experiences but tend to forget the essence of scent. Scent marketing is at the heart of our business and an innovative way of creating a wonderful atmosphere.